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AGREEMENT NUMBER - VS/2020/0101 Expanding and Improving Workplace Democracy as a Prerequisite for Humanising Labour and the Work Environment – DIRECT II


Partners & Associated organizations

Warsaw School of Economics (SGH, Polish: Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie) is the leading business school in Eastern and Central Europe. It is the oldest university of economics in Poland. Having been established in 1906 its mission is educating economists and business leaders serving the nation, country and the region. SGH conducts research in various areas of economics, finance, management and business administration as well as in public policy and political science within its 5 collegia:

- Collegium of World Economy;
- Collegium of Economic Analysis;
- Collegium of Socio-Economic Policy;
- Collegium of Business Administration;
- Collegium of Management and Finance.

 Students at SGH

Currently SGH offers Bachelor of Arts degree in 9 majors, one of which is European Studies. Masters of Arts is offered in 13 majors including studies in English and European Studies as well.
Each year about 2500 students start their studies at SGH. Each year at least one third of 15.000 students obtain their diploma in European topics including PhD students. 1400 students are studying at the doctoral level and over 5000 are completing other postgraduate courses.
The School has also a growing number of Foreign students coming under the Erasmus programme as well as other programmes. SGH students represent almost 60 countries.
At SGH there is also the possibility to enhance the Professional qualifications by completing postdiploma studies including European Studies.

Research Projects at SGH

The Warsaw School of Economics is a university with over 700 members of research staff specialising in different disciplines of social science, such as macro- and microeconomics, economics of innovation and competitiveness, international economics, business management, economics of transition and structural change, industrial economics and developmental studies, economic and social policy, including R&D policy.
SGH has been deeply engaged in different types of projects. It has carried out 67 fundamental research projects financed by National Science Centre (2011-2015); 27 projects financed from Structural Funds. SGH has been involved in carrying out 6th and 7th Framework Programme grants (eight grants within each of the Programme), and is involved in three Horizon 2020 projects.
Research is often carried out as part of international projects. Each year SGH organizes over 40 local & international seminars and conferences on different current economic and social topics including those connected with Poland’s membership in the EU and Integration process hosting a wide range of famous officials and academics from all over the world. SGH supports its academics in their research and academic works as they can use different appliances to conduct their activities.

Alumni of SGH

SGH is very proud of its alumni who have been holding key position in politics, public institutions, business and many other fields. SGH staff advises Polish policy-makers in government, non-governmental organizations and business.


Table 1. List the projects for which SGH has received financial support from the EU programme.

Programme or initiative

Reference number

Beneficiary Organisation

Title of the Project

Erasmus+ Programme, Jean Monnet Module



Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

Interest representation and policy-making in the European Union

Seventh Framework Programme ( FP7)

613247 – AGENTA

Austrian Academy of Sciences/ Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

Ageing Europe: An application of National Transfer Accounts (NTA) for explaining and projecting trends in public finances

Erasmus+ Programme, Jean Monnet Module


 Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

The European Union, Eastern Partnership&Russia in a new geopolitical context

Horizon 2020  - INSO-1-2014

645860 –  ROUTE-TO-PA

Universita di Salerno/ Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

ROUTE-TO-PA - Raising Open and User-friendly Transparency-Enabling Technologies for Public Administrations

Horizon 2020  - INSO-3-2014

645884 –  I3U

Universiteit Maastricht/ Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

IU3/INSO3 - Investigating the Impact of the Innovation Union

Erasmus+ Programme, Action 2: Strategic Partnership


Lider - Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology

Partner - Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

Advanced Learning and Inclusive EnviroNment for Higher Education through greater knowledge and understanding of migration processes

Horizon 2020 -INFRADEV-2016-2017


Lider - Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie Van Wetenschappen

Partner -- Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

GGP-EPI - Generations and Gender Programme: Evaluate, Plan, Initiate Public Administrations

Erasmus+ Programme, Jean Monnet Module


Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

Jean Monnet Module on the European Union and the Contemporary International Migration -  an interdisciplinary Approach

Erasmus+ Programme, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence


Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

CEWSE – Centre of Excellence at Warsaw School of Economics on European Union’s Security and Stability in a new Economics, Social & Geopolitical Settlement

Erasmus+ Programme, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence


Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

European Union's Security and Stability in a new Economic, social & Geopolitical Settlement

Erasmus+ Programme, Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education


Lider - Ekonomicka Univerzita v Bratislave

Partner - Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

REPESEA - Assessing and Improving Research Performance at South East Asian Universities

EC VP/2013/003


Lider - Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB)

Partner -  Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

DIRECT - The Development of Direct Employee Participation and its Impact on Industrial Relations at Company Level

Erasmus+ Programme, Action 1: Mobility of Individuals


Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

Erasmus+ Mobility – Mobilność studentów i pracowników uczelni – współpraca z krajami partnerskimi 2016–2018 [kraje spoza UE] /

Students and university staff mobility - cooperation with partner countries 2016-2018 [non-EU]


Erasmus+ Programme, Action 1: Mobility of Individuals


Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)

Erasmus+ Mobility – Mobilność studentów i pracowników uczelni – współpraca z krajami programu 2016–2018/

Students and university staff mobility - cooperation with program countries 2016-2018