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AGREEMENT NUMBER - VS/2020/0101 Expanding and Improving Workplace Democracy as a Prerequisite for Humanising Labour and the Work Environment – DIRECT II


Partners & Associated organizations

KRIB is "The voice of the Bulgarian business" that:

  • Produces three quarters of the country’s GDP
  • Provides jobs to over 900 000 people
  • Unites over 12 500 companies, which are members through individual and collective membership, among them the biggest companies in Bulgaria
  • Account for more than three quarters of the country’s exports

KRIB has a mission:

  • To raise the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy and the companies operating in Bulgaria
  • To be most effective in the process of improving the business climate in the country
  • To assist its members in sharing best business practices, benefiting from the EU membership, going regional and global
  • To encourage the corporate social responsibility best practices of its members


KRIB is an active partner in the social dialog:

  • Has representatives in the social dialog on national, sectoral, regional and European level
  • Presents opinions on draft laws in the Bulgarian Parliament
  • Is a member of the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation and its commissions


KRIB has strong regional and branch structures:

  • Operates 140 regional representations all over the country
  • The regional representatives of KRIB protect the interests of the business locally, supporting the local members of the Confederation in resolving the challenges they face both in their business and in their interaction with the local authorities.
  • The regional representatives of KRIB participate in the Regional Development Councils and in the adjoining working groups and committees.
  • Unites 131 branch organizations in all economic sectors, most of them are members of the European and international organizations
  • KRIB coordinates the Business Advisory Council to the Mayor of Sofia
  • KRIB has 12 intersectoral committees that coordinate the interest of its members


KRIB Court of Arbitration:

  • Is effective and reliable alternative in the resolution of commercial disputes
  • Provides the opportunity to resolve disputes outside the system of the state courts, which ensures equality of the parties, as well as promptness, efficiency and predictability


KRIB works with the EU financial instruments:

  •  Assists the business to work effectively with European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) and with the other EU funds
  • Participates with own representatives in the Monitoring Committees of the all Operative programs of the National Strategic Reference Framework and other Committees


KRIB formulates policies for the labour market:

  • Drafts particular policies for overcoming the lack of qualified labour force and creating conditions for developed, flexible, deregulated labour market
  • Prepares together with the World Bank recommendations for increasing the employment, boosting flexicurity of the labour market and the quality of human resources.


KRIB established Academia Economica:

  • To create career building opportunities for university midterm students, who envision their future in Bulgaria
  • In partnership with more than 10 Universities and high schools
  • Funded with the revenues from the Annual Balls of KRIB and other public initiatives of the organization


KRIB acts internationally:

  • Member of the International Chamber of Commerce – ICC (Paris) as a founder of the Bulgarian National Committee of ICC
  • Supports the Bulgarian business abroad, organizes business delegations accompanying the President, Prime Minister and key ministers and officials of the Bulgarian authorities during the official visits abroad, and establishes partnership with respective employers’ organizations from Europe, Asia, North Africa, etc.


KRIB incorporates foreign businesses:

  • Collective members of KRIB are 7 bilateral chambers: German-Bulgarian Industrial Chamber (DBIHK), Confindustria Bulgaria, Italian Chamber of Commerce, Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgarian-Korean Commercial Chamber, Bulgarian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Bulgarian-Ukrainian Friendship and Cooperation Association
  • Partner of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and the British-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce


KRIB is a democratically managed unity with:

  • rotation of the Managing Board members (about a quarter of the Board rotates annually)
  • mandate limit of 4+4 years
  • decentralization on a branch/sectoral and regional principle


KRIB wins, because it is:

  • politically and financially independent
  • supported only by the membership fee of its members
  • managed and controlled solely by its members


KRIB is a key organizer of important business events:

  • Annual Spring Ball of industry and employers for announcing the prestigious business awards "KRIB – Quality, Growth and Innovation from Bulgaria"
  • Public and government support for quality and innovative Bulgarian production is one of the main objectives of KRIB. In early 2015 the Governing Council of the Confederation established annual awards for quality, innovation and growth in Bulgaria, as well as overall contribution to the development of the Bulgarian economy. With these prizes KRIB wants to promote quality and innovative local production. The Confederation is confident that the winners will set an example for all who do business in Bulgaria and impose new, higher standards in the economy.
  • The contest "Mr. and Mrs. Economy" - KRIB is the organizer together with the magazine "Economics" of this most important economic forum in Bulgaria. He has over 20 years of history and during this period the prize has been awarded to prominent business representatives, contributed most significantly to the development of the Bulgarian economy.
  • "Yes! To the Bulgarian economy!" – a National campaign, whose purpose is to identify concrete measures and management solutions for growth and stability of the Bulgarian industry in order to support quality and innovative domestic production and exports to help finding new markets.
  • "Regions in growth" - a National information campaign aimed at regional development in Bulgaria. The main campaign purpose is to identify the unused resources and opportunities to stimulate local economies, and government and business to join together for the prosperity of the regions.
  • "Business in light" – a National campaign, launched together with the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria, aimed at combating the informal economy.