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AGREEMENT NUMBER - VS/2020/0101 Expanding and Improving Workplace Democracy as a Prerequisite for Humanising Labour and the Work Environment – DIRECT II


Partners & Associated organizations

Introduction to IDEAS

IDEAS is an independent corporate body established by SIPTU that operates in the commercial training and development sector.  The role and function of IDEAS Institute and how IDEAS can assist in company and organisational level initiatives is outlined hereunder.


IDEAS is an independent trust and not-for-profit commercial company that provides the following services to employees and their organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors of the economy.

  • Certified training and development programmes for employees and their companies
  • Change facilitation and support for employees and their companies
  • Developmental interventions to assist changes in work organisation
  • Individual personal development training programmes
  • Project management services for change projects
  • Research into the advancement of employees’ education and training
  • Other specialist services including media skills and communications training

Employee Training and Development

IDEAS provides commercial and certified training and development courses and programmes for employees and their companies.  The range of training programmes that IDEAS provides includes health and safety training (including the Construction Industry ‘SafePass’ programme), computer training, teamwork training.

Facilitation for companies and their Employees

IDEAS provides independent facilitation and works with unions and companies to enable them to succeed in jointly identifying challenges and opportunities facing their particular organisation and developing their responses to successfully meet these challenges and achieve win-win outcomes.

IDEAS works closely with SIPTU Ireland’s largest Trade Union, specifically to review their structures and operations.

Developmental Interventions to Assist Changes in Work Organisation

IDEAS provides developmental interventions including surveys, workshops and diagnostic audits of organisations to establish their current position with regard to organisational change.  The organisations current position can then be compared with its planned change objectives and with the support of IDEAS’s trainers and facilitators, the organisation can commerce training to contribute to the achievement of its jointly agreed change objectives.


IDEAS was actively involved in the ANEET project (Apprenticeship for Not in Education, Employment or Training) Specifically, the project aims to create a consortium of business partners and training structures to support young people, who have left school, back into learning.  The objective is to create new partnership synergies between these different worlds in three sectors: hospitality, metallurgy and new technologies.