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AGREEMENT NUMBER - VS/2020/0101 Expanding and Improving Workplace Democracy as a Prerequisite for Humanising Labour and the Work Environment – DIRECT II


Partners & Associated organizations

Fondazione Di Vittorio (FDV) was established in 2001 with the aim of promoting the knowledge of the history of the Italy’s largest trade union CGIL and of the labour movement in Italy and worldwide. After a merging process, which incorporated in 2015, 4 former organisations (ABT, IRES-CGIL, ISF-CGIL, SMILE) promoted by CGIL, FDV is currently a single non-profit institute for historical, social, economic research and for trade union education and training supported by the Confederation. Subsequently, FDV takes over the long experience in the European projects’ management of the former organisations and is a member of a transnational level network focused on Industrial Relations, Social Dialogue, Collective bargaining, Information, consultation and participation of representatives of undertakings & EWCs. Thanks to an over 35 year-experience legacy, FDV also belongs to a consolidated transnational network of research and training organisations and academic centres.

The new FDV has three main areas of activity: History and Memory; Research; Training. There are also some thematic observatories. The History and Memory Area mostly focuses on the study of the history of CGIL, the working class and labour movement in Italy and other countries. The Research Area deals with the following thematic sectors: energy, development and innovation, economics, employment and labour market, working conditions, industrial relations, welfare, territorial development and sustainability. The Training Area focuses on the fields of trade union higher-level education, and the training of specialists and trainers.
 FDV is a full member of the TURI-ETUI network.