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AGREEMENT NUMBER - VS/2020/0101 Expanding and Improving Workplace Democracy as a Prerequisite for Humanising Labour and the Work Environment – DIRECT II


Our Projects

Sofia, Bulgaria 24-25 February 2020 (CITUB, 11th floor)

Agenda of the kick-off meeting of the project






Welcome and opening of the meeting

Plamen Dimitrov, President of CITUB


Establishment of the project management team and project research team

Ina Atanasova, project manager, CITUB

10.45 State of play of Direct participation in the partner countries - the new realities, challenges and perspectives for the partners and associated organizations of the project (CITUB, BIA, SEK, FDV, SGH, IDEAS and RHBNC) and short presentation of the new partners in the project – KRIB and Fundacion 1 de mayo Representative of each co-beneficiary organization (approx. 10 min each)
11.30 Coffee-break  


Continuation of the State of Play of Direct participation

Representative of each co-beneficiary organization

12.45 An overview of the research implemented in the framework of DIRECT - main conclusions, recommendations and the way forward Michael Gold, RHBNC
13.30 Lunch  
14.30 Project aims, objectives, expected results, time frame Workpackages, workplan and roles and responsibilities of each co-beneficiary and associated organization Ina Atanasova, project manager, CITUB
15.30 Coffee-break  
16.00 Financial guidelines and administration procedures, budget of the co-beneficiaries; Partnership Agreements Svetlana Stoyanova, CITUB
Bistra Karadimova
17.30 End of the day  







Framework of the survey to be carried out – methodology, time schedule, roles of each partner, questionnaires, etc.

Ekaterina Ribarova, project research team leader
Kevin P O’Kelly,
external expert

11.00 Coffee-break  
11.30 Dissemination plan and evaluation plan (project website) Ina Atanasova, project manager, CITUB
12.30 Planning the second SC meeting and the first European Seminar (hosted by FDV), topics, speakers, etc.

Salvo Leonardi, FDV

13.30 Lunch  

Presentation of draft framework of the survey (*.pptx)